Apathetic man holding his head with a wallet and plant in the background.

For individuals who like gambling online, it comes as no surprise that when searching on your browser, luck with any combination of making bets, online casinos, or gambling online, you’ll receive millions of results in a few milliseconds. Luck and gambling are deeply intertwined, and often very personal to the individual.

Whether you personally believe that luck is something that happens to you, or perhaps something you can create, it still doesn’t stop people from believing they can influence the results of the game on casinos online through luck. But is it possible for individuals who feel apathy? And can anti-apathy ultimately increase your luck?

This article will delve deeper into the intertwining of luck and an individual’s mindset, and how you can use your mindset to your advantage when gambling on online casinos.

Is luck all about your mindset?

Whether personally you consider luck to exist or luck being a state of mind, you’ll be able to find just as many people who agree and disagree with you. A hugely contested idea, the dictionary gives a stance one way defining luck as ‘a force causing good things to happen not because of your own efforts or abilities’.

However, many people believe we have the power to create our own luck. Through making choices and taking chances, some wonder if we can control luck. Advice to manifest luck is often promoted with a positive mindset. Individuals who are happy to trust their instincts seem to have some effect with shaping their fortune. Another common piece of advice is to believe you’re lucky. Of course, just by hoping that you will win won’t make it happen, but more often than not, people that lack apathy are passionate and enthusiastic, both great qualities for increasing your success while making bets on online casinos.

Now, how would manifesting luck work if you were an apathetic individual? Apathy is described as a lack of motivation to do anything and not caring what’s going on around you. By having a closed mindset and feeling indifferent to your actions, you are much more likely to make mistakes when wagering on casinos online. Through this, a correlation could be made between apathy and lower levels of luck.

Taking risks are higher in apathetic individuals

There are many negative side effects for individuals with apathy. Feeling indifferent, lacking motivation to complete goals and being unemotional to both positive and negative events are just a few. However, it’s noted that apathy and impulsivity go hand in hand that affect decision-making in normal humans. The effect of impulsivity for individuals with apathy can have a direct effect, such as through actions of wagering higher amounts on online casinos and taking big risks while gambling online.

Linking apathy, making bets, and luck

Our mood can affect our actions even down to a subconscious level. This means, when we’re positive, we can subconsciously attract positive energy. It is therefore crucial to only gamble on online casinos when you’re in a positive mood.

When you win time and time again after making bets, you could view that as being lucky. On the other hand, it could be that you were in the right place at the right time. The main feature that lucky people will often do is that they maximise their chances of success through having an open mindset. More opportunities seem to go their way, which can be deemed lucky.

Apathy is the complete opposite to this. If you are indifferent to winning or losing, you tend to not put as much effort into the game. This of course will have a direct effect on the outcome of your wagering, often negatively. So, making bets when you’re feeling this way often attracts negative or unlucky results.

Can you be lucky when playing games of skill and chance on online casinos?

When gambling online, it’s common for casinos online to offer both games of skill, such as poker and blackjack, and games of chance, like online slots. Whatever type of game you choose to play, online casinos want to make you feel in control. It’s known that all games have a Return to Player percentage (RTP), and often people seek out the games with the highest RTP value to hopefully get the best return for their money.

Online slots are games of chance with an algorithm determining when the jackpot will be hit. Of course, hitting the jackpot shows you’re in the right place at the right time, but often there isn’t much influence an individual can have on the results. Games like poker and blackjack give the player an opportunity to use their skills to their advantage. It’s possible to have a bit more control over games of skill, so does this mean you are still lucky if you use your skills to score a win?

Do casino bonuses have more of an effect on people with apathy?

Casino bonuses are a welcomed part of gambling and online casinos. Comparing and discovering the huge range of casino bonuses and promotions is fun for some individuals, although with so much choice it can make it difficult to choose an online casino to sign up to. However, casinos that are heavily relying on marketing luck, such as ‘I’m feeling lucky’ buttons, can have a huge effect on people feeling apathy. By creating special ‘lucky’ casino bonuses, casinos can lure in apathetic players very easily. These types of offers give these players a strong incentive to get back into the game. Be sure to analyse casino bonuses on online casinos carefully, don’t rush, and take the time to decide whether a deal is right for you.

How to have the most success with online gambling

Whether you believe luck is something you have or can create, here are three tips to have the most success when making bets on online casinos:

  1. Keep a positive mindset: When you are optimistic, you will attract positive energy when gambling online!
  2. Learn the rules: If you enjoy skills games, make sure you know the rules and practise before playing for real money. This will help you make better, more informed choices and let you get the most out of the game. For games of chance, looking for games with a high RTP could be suitable.
  3. Always bet within your limits: As soon as you begin to feel indifferent to the games or you recognise yourself becoming impulsive with your wagering, it’s best to take a break.