Our Reno Movement with AA Involvement

Our objective

Acquisition of information

The whole action of Anti-Apathy (AA) begins with a discussion of the research being done. Starting this “homework” has two advantages: it ensures that we identify and analyze our problems correctly and we help to be effective. We rely on the knowledge of experts and researchers. If data is missing, we will initiate an investigation.

Test and innovate

Apathy is flat, without fear of experimentation and innovation. Before starting a new business, we tried different ways to accomplish our mission. We also collect information on programs and strategic levels for each of our activities and programs. Not only is this information used to assess the performance of each activity and program, but it allows us to identify solutions that have a major impact on the problems we face.

Maximize impact

Anti-Apathy (AA) to be a social innovator in youth participation. Once you’ve tried and refined the action, the next step is to maximize its impact. Once we have the capacity, we will expand program coverage. Otherwise, we give ideas. With this open approach and with this, sharing our views and strategies with other positive youth engagement and progressive stakeholders, Anti-Apathy (AA) and can reach many more young people than any organization can directly reach.


Our services help you and your organization reach young people, include them in the program and build lasting intergenerational collaboration. Visit the seminars for more information or contact us.

For everyone: a youth workshop

For young people: citizen participation seminar + contact with young people not involved


The workshop leaders focus on the orientations led by the young people, develop different sections and tackle subjects such as:

  • What does youth participation mean?
  • Because “conscience” is a bad word.
  • Use technology to reach young people.
  • Find joy: efficient meetings, easily accessible documents and breaks.
  • Young people in decision making: how it works.

Duration of seminar format: between 2 hours - all day, as needed.

PUBLIC SIZE: 40 participants or less

GOAL GOAL: Who works (or wants to work) with young people


“Where do I start if I want to make a difference?” We often hear this question from young people we meet across the country. This workshop describes the details step by step. Would you like to volunteer, vote or organize your friends? We will give you some tips on how to do these things and more that will help you become a more active citizen.

This seminar can take different forms depending on the needs and interests of the public:

Get the note:

  • How to vote
  • How to find out
  • How do you get
  • Change something:

    • How you can make a difference
    • How to find out
    • How do you get

    Intensive course on democracy:

    • Decode the vocabulary
    • How the federal government works
    • Operation of the province.

    The seminar will be concrete and will create direct links between the lives of young people, the issues that interest them and how they can make a difference. This bilingual seminar is organized by young people and is open to young people who are already involved in their community, as well as those who are not yet involved but who are looking for the first step to become active citizens.

    DURATION: 2-3 hours

    PUBLIC SIZE: 40 participants or less

    THINKING OBJECTIVE: 16-30 years old

    Location: Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno.

    The Hotel and Casino hold a number of meeting rooms for conventions and performances. Every 3 months we arrange a workshop inside the casino. Members of the workshop are able to use the casino facilities after and before the meeting if they wish. The casino has a selection of games like roulette, poker and blackjack for you to enjoy. The hotel has a pool and spa as well if you’d like to relax.

    Reaching a Youth Without Commitment: How to Stop Preaching to Converts

    Are you tired of always having the same number of people doing all of this for you? Want to find a way to share your message with people who don’t know your work yet? This interactive seminar will provide you with the tools you need for your apathetic colleagues to participate effectively in your work.

    Apathy Facilitators is a boring lab that covers the following topics:

    • Why is youth participation important?
    • How to reach our colleagues.
    • Level of commitment

    Create low risk entry points.


    Do you need someone to inspire your audience? Do you want to know more about democracy or is this generation involved? Check out the playlist below and book your next event!


    “I want to make a change, but where do I start?” We often hear this question from young people that Anti-Apathy (AA). There are staff and volunteers in the country. This presentation describes the details step by step. Do you want to volunteer, vote or just participate in your own decision? In this presentation, Anti-Apathy (AA) gives you the tools you need to make a difference.

    Objectives for reflection: 16-30 years old


    Do you want to work with young people but you don’t know where to start? You want to make sure that the next generation takes on the mission of your business and keeps it dynamic, but you know that long meetings and boring corporate decorations in your meeting room are probably not the environment in which young people get find. This presentation provides participants with a guide for young people to participate effectively in their work.

    OBJECTIVE: To make (or want to work with) young people

    Why young people don’t vote and what you can do

    This presentation explains why young Canadians do not vote and do not seek solutions. Garanti reflects in a new way public opinion on youth participation and how we can all act against the apathy of young voters.