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Anti-Apathy (AA) encourages and supports people who take creative and innovative approaches to social and environmental issues.

From `` flawless “ fashion to online platforms conducive to change, AA has been the cradle of innovation and collaboration in sustainable lifestyles since 2002.

Anti-Apathy has incubated a number of initiatives over the years, including The RE:Fashion Awards, Worn Again and

Who we are together

Anti-Apathy (AA) was founded in 2004 when a choreographer, director and fashion photographer met at a party. Concerned that only a few friends actively participate in Canadian democracy, they are launching an online campaign to mobilize young people to vote in the 2004 general election.

Today, we work all year to make young people active citizens who contribute to Canadian democracy.

Our vision is Canada, where each young person is a creator of daily life and is strongly involved and involved at all levels of democracy.

It’s more than just a vote. It is about training young people to care about the conditions in which they live.

As a non-partisan and somewhat overly pretentious organization, our goal is to judge before we educate all young Canadians about our so-called democracy. What does it even mean to be a non-partisan terminology that is now a pronoun subverted term? This means that antipathy (AA) does not support or reject certain political parties, candidates, campaigns or directives. When we discuss political issues, we keep facts.

Our value

Young people as decision makers

We have created a space for young people in decision-making positions. We support and encourage governments and institutions to do the same.

Take responsibility

We are responsible for young Canadians. We are sincere, open to discussion and discussion. We are open to our successes and failures.

Contact those who are not engaged

We are working hard to reach and activate young people who are not interested. We recognize that the system of oppression affects the ability of young people to practice democracy in different ways, and they have no general experience. We believe that greater participation in democracy is the path to a more just society.

You can get there

We offer a low risk starting point. We went to a hostel and we did not expect them to come to us. Consider how our activities and resources, if possible, support broad participation by removing physical, linguistic or visual barriers.

Provide information

We provide information that can be used to educate and educate young people. We don’t believe in sermons, we value justice. We have a roadmap showing how the process works. You can read more articles here about anti-apathy.

Become between generations

We value intergenerational relationships and ask for support from seniors and community leaders.

Latest News

Anti-Apathy Art in the UK/ June 6 2020


“The current political climate seems to have led to divisions between those who took to the streets and those who were in an eternal and apathetic state in the cold of the rock and the lack of commitment: capitalism, racism and patriarchy you like you feel helpless to develop and fight to forcibly dismantle to the core these super oppressive structures. The institutions of power must be held accountable, from platforms to governments, including fascist police states. “ - Anti-apathy

Personally, I find that many people, not all, but many; Unless they are directly affected by the situation (be it discrimination, domestic violence, war, racism, mental illness, sexism, etc.) or indirectly by people who are theirs close or known stay apathetic all the time. that people who passively watch the screen while the show is being played over and over and the stories are told over and over, listened to but never recorded just to be greeted with “sighs” and “oh my dear , Oh Baby” by Adam Curtis comes to mind.

Events like “anti-apathy” are very important, even if it seems that only those who are already active in your community or who have just started or who might be interested in starting are present. Present and those looking for these spaces; It is important to remember that they physically occupy the room and are present. His humble existence in the community is a confirmation of himself and the subject of his physical body (evil body, asexual body, …) takes up space and creates a platform to discuss apathy, injustice or open debates, possessive and available to speak. continue to be seen, make a difference, inspire and ultimately make a difference.

Anti-Apathy (AA) attended the event on August 4, 2016 in Arcadia Missa, located in South-East London. The room was hidden under the airstrip of Peckham Rye, it was small and welcoming.

The Zine Dysphoria Collective was in the room on the table, surrounded by the uncut Sisters banner and “where Ana Mendieta was” on the wall. The audience seemed local enough in the area, some at a distance, there was a good amount to fill the room without being crowded so that everyone could see and hear. The panel (made up of representatives of four active organizations seen from the front) is located on the side wall with a visual display.

The conference consisted of a brief presentation by each organization with some suggestions and lessons from each organization to combat apathy, including key issues raised by each organization, starting with the Palestinian in Action in London. London Palestine in Action is a peaceful network of people in London who take creative and peacful action against Israeli apartheid. This is done through BDS, SNM and other effective and low-costing participatory Palestinian solidarity efforts. The important points raised by representatives of community members who are interested in activism or are part of activist groups should be clear about why, ask questions and explain their reasons. It also encourages us to learn from others and respond flexibly.